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Our Vision

To be the leading AI-supported second opinion service for cancer diagnosis and treatment review.

DocNoc provides healthcare insurers, overseas cancer clinics and patients. With clinical AI reports, secure video consultations with oncologists, radiologist and surgeons in the United Kingdom and Europe.

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About DocNoc

DocNoc is working to prevent misdiagnoses that result from clinical misjudgment and/or false positive/false negative clinical tests.

The DocNoc team are pioneering the acceleration of cancer diagnostics, transforming healthcare through accelerated AI-supported diagnosis and treatment review.

With the help of our services patients, cancer specialists and care providers can make informed decisions on treatment plans, medication and clinical trials.

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Worldwide Cancer Cases

A growing need for timely diagnostic support

According to research by Cancer Research UK (2018), it is predicted that there will be 27.5 million new cancer cases worldwide each year by 2040. With misdiagnosis currently estimated to effect up to 30% of some cancer cases.

Services like DocNoc's can stand to play an important role in supporting doctors, consultants and patients. 

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Development to Date

Accelerators & beyond

To date, the business has been largely self-funded but following participation in various start-up supporting programmes (SeedReady October 2020, The Accelerator Academy Network’s FastForward programme, April/2021, The Cancer Tech Accelerator, June/2021) is now ready to go to market to attract a combination of specialist investors and healthcare partners to support in the next phase of development.

Faster Capital Incubator


FasterCapital is an online incubator and accelerator based in Dubai Internet City.  Selects only ambitious scalable startups to be its technical co-founder in its pre-seed & seed rounds.

Cancer Tech Accelerator

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Cancer Research UK and Capital Enterprise, together with Roche UK, have launched the Cancer Tech Accelerator programme to support innovative technologies that can advance the early detection, diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of cancer.

Cancer specialists

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We welcome specialist nurses & senior consultants to join our network to support our initiative, services and help reduce misdiagnosis, outdated treatment and unnecessary stress and anxiety for patients and their families.

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